Visual Services  Difficulty seeing? Do these statements describe you?
  • I have poor vision which cannot be corrected by glasses 
  • I don't really want help- I just want to stay independent but because of my sight loss I can't see to read important letters or to manage money 
  • I don't cook anymore- I lost the confidence
  • I used to like to do my own shopping but I don't go out anymore -as I'm frightened of failing 
  • I do not feel safe travelling alone by bus and so I do not meet my friend in town anymore 
  • I don't like to keep asking other people for help
The visual support services
Our rehabilitation workers are trained to provide support to help you live independently
Your vision is unique to you and we can help you to use the sight that you do have to your best possible advantage.

We can offer advice and support at home about things such as:
  • lighting levels 
  • Different types of magnification 
  • safe pouring and cooking techniques When you are outside and travelling about we can offer advice and support with things such as:
  • using symbol or guide canes safely and effectively
  • route training- getting about on foot or using public transport to the regular places you want to get to. Following assessment some aids may be provided on loan or through the assistance of a direct payment

This service is available to all Dudley residents with poor vision. You do not need to registered as sight impaired or severely sight impaired.
This information is also available in Braille or as an audio CD.

For more information contact the visual support services
Vision Support service
Telephone: 01384 813460