“Support for disabled people, by disabled people”
Charity number: 1175330
Queens Cross Network, Wellington Road, Dudley, West Midlands, DY1 1RB
email Disabilityinactiondudley.ulo@outlook.com
Social Media - Facebook: Disability in Action
Twitter: @DIA_ULO
our Telephone number is: 01384 813 460

The cafe is open Monday to Friday 10 o'clock till 3 o'clock

Disability in action are a forward thinking and progressive user led organisation in the Dudley borough .its run by people with Disability's for the benefit of people with disability's we work in an informal partnership with Dudley M B C this allows DIA to share a really good facility in Queens Cross Network where we run and manage our own cafe called Cafe Plaza we also run the reception area at Queens Cross DIA also have activity's going on each day theirs also a floral garden to relax in on sunny days
email Disabilityinactiondudley.ulo@outlook.com   tele 01384 813460
charity number 1175330

Deaf support Group imageDeaf support Group image
 the deaf support service  for hard of hearing, deaf and deaf blind people living in Dudley borough
If you have difficulty with the following:

  • Conversations
  • The TV
  • The phone
  • People calling at the door

Then the this service is for you.
What does the deaf support service do ?.
The service which is based in central Dudley offers a range of information.
advice and support services to help hard of hearing , deaf and deaf blind people
to lead independent and fulfilled lives

What services are on offer
Support and services available include.
  • Assessment of needs
  • Information about coping with hearing loss 
  • Communication hints and tips
  • A drop in service
  • Advocacy and advice
  • Signposting to other helpful services
  • A resource room
  • Equipment to alert to environment sounds.
  • Direct payments
Telephone: 01384 813460
At the MS  society Dudley and district branch we strive to offer help and support to people who have been affected by MS.

We offer a friendly daytime group which meets weekly, an evening group for people once a month in a pub function room. We also offer Pilates and physio at a small charge. Facebook MS Dudley branch contact  details Facebook MS-Dudley branch 
Twitter  MS Society 
   Branch Number 0753834646785

Visual Services  Difficulty seeing? Do these statements describe you?
  • I have poor vision which cannot be corrected by glasses 
  • I don't really want help- I just want to stay independent but because of my sight loss I can't see to read important letters or to manage money 
  • I don't cook anymore- I lost the confidence
  • I used to like to do my own shopping but I don't go out anymore -as I'm frightened of failing 
  • I do not feel safe travelling alone by bus and so I do not meet my friend in town anymore 
  • I don't like to keep asking other people for help
The visual support services
Our rehabilitation workers are trained to provide support to help you live independently
Your vision is unique to you and we can help you to use the sight that you do have to your best possible advantage.

We can offer advice and support at home about things such as:
  • lighting levels 
  • Different types of magnification 
  • safe pouring and cooking techniques When you are outside and travelling about we can offer advice and support with things such as:
  • using symbol or guide canes safely and effectively
  • route training- getting about on foot or using public transport to the regular places you want to get to. Following assessment some aids may be provided on loan or through the assistance of a direct payment

This service is available to all Dudley residents with poor vision. You do not need to registered as sight impaired or severely sight impaired.
This information is also available in Braille or as an audio CD.

For more information contact the visual support services
Vision Support service
Telephone: 01384 813460
Email: disabvisual.dachs@dudley.gov.uk

access in Dudley  image
we area group of volunteers who are predominately disabled people
our aims to help Service Providers make their services available to all members of the community by
Providing information in a way that meets individual needs.
Promoting removal of barriers that make buildings. services; and information inaccessible
Encouraging the provision of accessible transport.
Promoting access to all.
access audits disability awareness training advice production of information in alternative formats .
Access advice on planning applications.
Other Services on request.
Charges my apply. Please contact us for information.
All volunteers are welcome.
Telephone 01384369505
Email info@ accessindudley.org.uk
website www.accessindudley.org.uk
we are disabled persons user lead organisation who are happy to offer assistance and support. from dudley

Louise Webb


Jason Ward


Jodie Simner


Chris Slinn


Sam Harris

vice chair

Ben Stanton


meghan Griffis


Tom green

Media Team

all activities, funded by disability in action

Tom was feeling socially isolated when he was contacted by Dudley Integrated Health & Care Service who informed him about Queens Cross.
Tom loves the day centre as he has made many new friends & mixes with lots of new people as well as taking part in many activities

Paul  found out about the day centre in 1999 & started coming here as a service user in the following year 2000. He says 'the centre is full of friendly people & he enjoys coming here. I'm also the centre's resident D.J'

Q. How did I find out about Queens cross? 
Michelle parks my sister told me about an open day.as she works at queens cross
Q. What do I like about Queens Cross?
I like the freedom to be able to take an active role, to work to my potential, to develop much needed skills and experience. Plus they are the best people that I have ever met, they are very inspiring, best place I’ve ever been. I am treated right by staff they are great people

How I found out about the centre was through Ben Stanton in 2013
Q. what do you like about the centre? I have met new friends and I’m doing disco

 Congratulations to Meghan Griffith for securing a £2000 donation from the Richardson Brothers Foundation towards Disability an actions funding program 
​​​​thanks you,Jackie for your hard work

Collage  image
Her is our large collage mural entitled "the light at the end of the tunnel"

memorial page for simon 
here is a list of the dates for the Hello Dudley group meetings

here at queens cross we do all kinds of fun and educational activities

follow our socials to see what were about

here is our youtube channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrrcZ5vclo-9iKrv6z9TOuA

heres what we get up to on our instagram - https://www.instagram.com/queencrosssnetwork/

New Title
rip matthew

Mathew van goul had a celebration of his life on Saturday 17th February. And the money that was raised  by Queenscross network will go to a charity of the family's choice.