Tom was feeling socially isolated when he was contacted by Dudley Integrated Health & Care Service who informed him about Queens Cross.
Tom loves the day centre as he has made many new friends & mixes with lots of new people as well as taking part in many activities

Paul  found out about the day centre in 1999 & started coming here as a service user in the following year 2000. He says 'the centre is full of friendly people & he enjoys coming here. I'm also the centre's resident D.J'

Q. How did I find out about Queens cross? 
Michelle parks my sister told me about an open she works at queens cross
Q. What do I like about Queens Cross?
I like the freedom to be able to take an active role, to work to my potential, to develop much needed skills and experience. Plus they are the best people that I have ever met, they are very inspiring, best place I’ve ever been. I am treated right by staff they are great people

How I found out about the centre was through Ben Stanton in 2013
Q. what do you like about the centre? I have met new friends and I’m doing disco